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DEAFCHURCH 21: Vision for a New Generation

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Bob Ayres, DMin

For many years, Deaf Ministry leaders have struggled for lack of adequate and credible publications in the fields of theology and practical ministry. Secular academic researchers and resources have generally neglected the role and impact of religion within the Deaf community. This publishing company is established for the purpose of creating more excellent academic resources for students and scholars in the field of Deaf Ministry. “Story” is an essential element of exploring the culture, language, and history of every people group including those who are part of the Deaf community. Developing a more comprehensive appreciation and understanding of theology and practical ministry includes the use of personal stories from within the community. Ayres & McClain Publishing creates a venue for shared stories of personal faith and the spiritual components of Deafhood.

Theological Perspective

Ayres & McClain Publishing holds to the historic tenets of the Christian faith as expressed in the creeds and based on the Bible as the final authority in all matters of belief. We are a Christian publisher that appreciates all orthodox traditions of the undivided and later reformed Church. As part of our commitment to academic integrity, there may be ideas expressed and explored by authors that the publishers do not agree with, but are found worthy of intellectual and theological consideration.

Deaf Diaspora: 

The Third Wave of Deaf Ministry

Deaf Diaspora identifies the critical challenges for the Deaf community: how to maintain a cultural identity while scattered. This book describes the First and Second Waves of Deaf Ministry during the last forty years of the 20th Century and the defining traits of the Third Wave as we enter the 21st Century. It provides a practical model for reaching the next generations of Deaf/HH. 


A Journey to Life: Lyrics and Poems by Bob Ayres

Early in Bob's career, he wrote a fair amount of music and poetry. Here is a free download of a collection of this material divided into two sections: lonely people, lonely places and mending brokenness

Real-Life Wisdom:          Stories for the Road

Based on thirty years of relational ministry experience, this book is a 'must have' for anyone involved in reaching out to others with the love of God, especially those in volunteer and professional ministry positions. An easy read designed to teach from the mistakes, successes, and insights of the author and those who have influenced him.