Dr. Bob Ayres is the founder of REA Leadership Resources which has three parts:

1) A&M Publishing - Excellence in Deaf Ministry books and other resources

2) REA Perspectives - Insights from Dr. Bob Ayres on various aspects of the Christian experience 

3) REA Leadership Counsulting - A specialized consulting/mentoring group for high-potential leaders, businesses, and organizations.

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Leadership development, especially for younger generations, is an excellent return-on-investment. Successful companies make a significant commitment in developing high potential employees. The improvements in organization culture, morale, and retention of top employees produces positive, tangible results which improves the sustainability of organizational priorities.

Developing a thriving organization involves investing in high potential leaders. Drs. Ayres and McClain have proven track records of ministry leadership and non-profit management. Both are respected leaders in the field of Deaf Ministry and uniquely qualified to develop both hearing and Deaf/hard-of-hearing high-potential leaders. 

REA Leadership Resources 

Bob Ayres, DMin