"The skills I've had all along are not the skills I need going forward." One of the many profound lessons I've learned about myself came through this man. You can have the same experience, growing in ways you didn't know possible."

Matthew Belwood, Director, Deaf Teen Quest

Bob Ayres, DMin

REA Leadership Resources 

"Schedule now with Dr. Rick McClain or Dr. Bob Ayres. This is an excellent investment in your future."

Dallas Brock, Deaf Pastor, Richmond, KY

"I have known Dr. Bob Ayres and Dr. Rick McClain for many years and have benefited greatly from their coaching, leadership and extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Deaf ministry."

Carrie Burgess, Youth For Christ, Holbrook, AZ.

"Bob came on staff at our church a few years ago and I was blessed to be the recipient of his wisdom in leading youth ministry. His support and guidance helped me feel confident in my abilities and gave me tools I’d need to lead. I’d recommend his coaching to anyone who is looking to grow their leadership skills!"

Nikki Smith, Communications, Servants of Christ Anglican

Dr. Bob Ayres is the founder of REA Leadership Resources which has four parts:

1) A&M Publishing - Excellence in Deaf Ministry books and other resources

2) REA Perspectives - Insights from Dr. Bob Ayres on various aspects of the Christian experience 

3) REA Leadership Resources - [on Facebook] A specialized consulting/mentoring group for high-potential leaders, businesses, and organizations.

4) REA Leadership Resources - Check out: Leading in a Pandemic: Five Key Leadership Traits

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Leadership development, especially for younger generations, is an excellent return-on-investment. Successful companies make a significant commitment in developing high potential employees. The improvements in organization culture, morale, and retention of top employees produces positive, tangible results which improves the sustainability of organizational priorities.

Developing a thriving organization involves investing in high potential leaders. Drs. Ayres and McClain have proven track records of ministry leadership and non-profit management. Both are respected leaders in the field of Deaf Ministry and uniquely qualified to develop both hearing and Deaf/hard-of-hearing high-potential leaders. 

"I am so grateful for the encouraging, equipping, and empowering ministry of REA Leadership Resources. As a CODA, I often think and process information better in ASL, and this ministry has uniquely impacted my spiritual and professional journey! Grateful for Bob Ayres and Rick McCLain, and I hope you will prayerfully consider them when investing in your future."

Becca Diley Triplett, founder of Hope Signs